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Jewelers Workbench from an old Coffee table

It require a good deal of imagination and creativity to see the perfect jewelers bench top hidden in an old coffee table. If you want to create a really solid and custom fitted bench without spending a fortune maybe you should check out the second hand furniture market. If you are lucky enough to pick up a good solid table for next to nothing you can make it into the perfect jewelers bench with a bit of determination and creativity. See how Eloise has done it. I think it’s hard to argue that the result is pretty darn good..[See Photos..]

Thanks agin Eloise for sharing

Eloise’s Attic Jewelry Studio

Eloise lives in Holland and is a busy mother of two girls, Despite having limited time she has managed to put together a n amazingly functional jewelry studio workshop in her attic. Although she is sharing the space with the computer she has utilised the space she has incredibly well.

You can get some great ideas from some of the things you see in the photos, an example is the use of small lights under the pickle pot to keep it warm, the lazy Susan that holds all the essential tools or what about using a shaver brush as a dust remover. I love the IKEA spice holders stopping the mandrels rolling off the table.. So in short some great photos jam-packed with great ideas. [See Photos..]

Thanks Eloise for sharing

If you have any photos of your own bench build project or work studio that you would like to share just drop me a line from the contact page and I’d be more than happy to post them including links back to any relevant content related to the project.