Eloise’s Attic Jewelry Studio


My workspace up in the attic. This will serve until I have a better bench. To protect the desk, when soldering, I layed down stone tiles. The ruler tape stuck on the front is handy and free from the local builders market. The plier holder is made from scrap wood and copper tubing. The oblong black box is a travel box for a toothbrush and serves well to hold saw blades. The loupe lamp is second hand from a pedicurist and is great for delicate work.


My portable soldering equipment. The hand torch is fine to start with. I placed my soldering blocks, heat resistant tweezers etc into a roasting pan, in order to protect the work surface. The pan also helps keep all the parafernalia together. Since an electric pickle pot is expensive I make do with a heat resistant preservative jar, with lid, set on top of a rechaud with 2 small candles. This gets warm enough.


The best remedy for clutter is a lazy susan, which is a wooden turntable. On this I stuck down jars and pots to hold some of my tools, using Prestik or Blu Tack. The turntable allows easy access to many tools in a compact space. I keep my most used needle files in a spice jar, lined at the bottom with foam and using drinking straws to protect the files from damaging each other. A small block of wood with holes drilled into it is a good way to hold bits and pieces. Note the sawn off knitting needles, these are great as a mandril for making jump rings with a drill. The cool thing is that the knitting needles have the size mentioned on top.


I found these spice jar holders for drawers at Ikea. They are perfect to keep my tribulets and polished tools from rolling about and getting scratched .


I sort and store my silver wire and plate in a small photo albumn. For me this works better than rummaging around in a box.


The last bit of wax from a tea light works for me as a burr and drill lubricant


This stackable bead storage container holds my solder.


Finishing off with a photo of a gorgeous old work bench that lives at the jewelry school Eloise attends. How cool is that?!  Love it..!!

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