Improving Your Skills

I have collected some of the video channels where I spend time if I need inspiration or skilling up on a certain technique. It includes everything from the lone jeweller out there on Youtube to the “big boys” like Rio Grande.

Hopefully you will find some inspiration from some of the different sources.

Soham Harrison

Has a very large and incredibly detailed selection of videos online.

He shares some fantastic tips tricks and ideas in these high quality videos.

I like his style, relaxed, but to the point, Just an overall cool guy.. And obviously pretty darn good at what he does..

Rio Grande

You just can’t pass by what Mark Nelson does in all the different Training Videos from Rio Grande.

Obviously being one of the biggest players in the Jewelry Making space they put together some amazingly useful videos.

The latest initiative from Rio involves full scale video Jewelry making courses worthwhile checking out

Cool Tools

Need I say more.. A channel dedicated to Jewelry tools..!!

If you want to go get tempted to stack up on new exciting tools this is the place to go..

Great Quality Videos

Jewelry Television

A mix of videos covering some “how-to” subjects

There is a wide variety of videos on this channel some covering gemstones, how they are mined etc. But also a fair bit of style and trend videos

The production quality of the how to videos are flawless.

Andrew Berry

Andrew runs his own full scale paid Jewelry Making course called “At the Bench”

He has posted a bunch of quite useful free videos that are great to get some inspiration from when first starting out.

The Quality is not fantastic on some of the videos but useful nevertheless.

Ronda Coryell

Ronda is a fabulous charismatic person, She is Master bench Jeweller who has devoted a lot of her time to teaching others.

She is probably the foremost expert in the use of Argentium and have her works included in several books.