Jewelers Bench Build Project

After a good deal of research into what type of bench I wanted I realised that getting exactly what I had in mind at a cost that I could afford was near impossible so I decided to build my own Jewelers bench.

Early on I decided to use recycled material for as many parts as I could mostly to keep the cost down but also because I generally like the character and imperfections of recycled timber. That said I did decide to use new plywood for the drawers and side cabinets to have totally flat and straight material to work with for the “moving parts”.

I went through the design process and drew up all the plans in Sketchup including all the cutting sheets for all the plywood parts. These plans proved an enormous help when determining exactly how may sheets of each type of plywood I would need.

Throughout the build I documented the process with photos and ilustrations which I have collected into a detailed build guide with descriptions of how to prepare and assemble all components.

To save others from starting totally from scratch I decided to publish the Bench Build Guide and all the drawings and plans. Even if you don’t want to build Exactly the same bench as mine I am sure having the guide to start you out will definately cut down the time for you to go through the design and build of your own bench.

To give you the plans in a format that can be modified I have created a bundle of all the soft copy plans and cutting sheet that you can download as well. These plans can be opened and modified in Sketchup (download here) and you are free to modify them as much as you want for your own bench build.

To get the bench build guide ebook just click on the image or the link below.

Click on the Image to get the guide

You can check out the content and some sample pages from the guide here

The Plan bundle contain a total of 15 fully editable Sketchup plans. You can go to the download page by just clicking on this image below

Jewelers Bench plans with dimentions

Get all 15 Soft Copy Plans

I hope the Build Guide and the plans will help you get started on your bench. Once you get going it would be really great if you drop a comment, a picture of your bench or a link to a picture below so others can get some additional inspiration for their own bench build projects.