Jewelry Business Setup

This is a new area that I am adding to the content of the site. My initial Thoughts are that I would cover some of the following:

  • Why you would potentially setup a formal business
  • Do you need a formal business plan and if so how do you go about creating it
  • Branding
  • What is involved in the setup
  • Legal considerations, Insurance etc
  • Accounting specific to the jewelry business i.e. things like Inventory management
  • “Back-end” systems like follow up mail campaigns, Shipping of items etc
  • Ongoing Marketing

I obviously have a bunch more ideas for what I thought would be useful to share here but I would really like to get some suggestions from you as well. So I have setup a small poll below to capture which of the subjects I thought should be covered.

Want to start a jewelry business? Wondering how to take the initiative? Then you have come to the right place. At Handmade Jewelry Tips, we provide you with the best advice and step-by-step guidance on how to set up your business and enter the mainstream, the right way.

        Which of the following would you like to see covered in this section

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